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Join Us This Summer for an experience like none other.
This is summer camp, where memories are made,
playing and learning are the same thing, we let loose, get a little dirty, use all our senses, develop our whole mind and experience summer as it was meant to be!


About Wild Acres Camp

Born out of dreams and fairy dust... This camp has been in the plans for a very long time. Our Camp Director has run large outdoor camps in Canada for over 10 years, just completed 2 years of homeschooling (thanks COVID) and was just waiting for the right moment (in life and in motherhood) to take the leap and bring the international standard of summer day camping home here to Barbados! With 2 kids of her own, and 2 nieces and nephews, this camp is designed for the littles more than anything else. You can expect your child's needs, development and learning to be at the forefront of our planning and execution along with our own kids! Our leaders are teachers, mothers and experts in various fields. Our site, Sion Hill Plantation, also our camp director's home, is ideally suited, with ample outdoor spaces, breezes, garden, farm, field and forest! As well as large indoor rooms and patios, for all the things we need a little more cover for. But let's not forget the pool! Fenced in, lifeguarded at all times, and an ideal depth and size for budding swimmers and confident little fishes alike.

We are here to have fun, build relationships, learn alongside your kids, get a little bit of paint, mud and glitter on us, and keep our fingers crossed that summer never comes to an end. 

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See our humble homeschool beginnings here
and follow along on our summer of adventure!


Kids in Vegetable Farm
2023 Weeks
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SWIM Instruction included

Our pool comes alive with the awesome instructors from Poseidon Aquatics. Swimming is an essential life skill which allows kids to develop through all sorts of sensory learning which benefits them in all other endeavours. And what is summer without swimming? ​


Randall and Stefanie from Poseidon Aquatics: We love the water and believe that it can open up an entire new world of exciting life long adventures and offers some of the most therapeutic environments and activities in the world. We strongly believe that swimming classes should be crazy fun but also super informative! We understand that water can be your worst enemy at times, leading us to prioritize safety. Swimming with us will not only be fun but kids will also have the opportunity to learn about water safety that won't only benefit them,  but others as well!


Qualifications: ASA teaching lvl1; STA full teacher lvl2; STA disability lvl1; NARS pool safety and lifeguarding; Roy Collins intro to competitive coaching.

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