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Outdoor Education

Frequently Asked Q's

We all have questions, worries, and fears about sending our kids to new places. Wild Acres Camp is held at our home, it's a welcoming environment, there are a multitude of extra 'eyes and hands' to help out, and if something goes wrong like the weather not playing along, we have an abundance of alternate options and a house full of activities. All our campers will be cared for like they were our own kids (probably quite a bit better to be honest!)

If your querries arent answered below, definitely use the contact form to send us a question. 

What's the pool like?

Our pool is approx 12x23 feet and is 4ft deep on the shallow side with stairs, 6.5 feet deep in the deep end. It is a chlorine pool. The pool has a fence all the way around it enclosing a small garden and pool deck with gazeebo for shade. Campers will not be within the pool fence unless it is thier swim time (ie: no lunches or games are to be done in the pool area) The pool will also have a lifeguard present during camp. There is also a bathroom at the pool deck so that campers dont need to go back to the house when they are wet to use the restroom. 

What are the swim lessons like?

Every day, each camp group will be swimming for approximately 1 hour. The lifeguard and swim instructor will assess the campers' swimming abilities at the start of the week, and begin every swim time with about 20-30 minutes of swim instruction. Following this, campers will have about 20-30 minutes of 'free swim' where the lifeguard and swim instructor are still in charge, but kids play freely. 

What if my camper doesn't want to swim?

If they don't want to swim, or you don't want them to, for whatever reason, then they dont. There will always be a camp counsellor on the pool deck when the group is having swim time. Thier role is to assist with reapplication of sunscreen, wrap little ones in towels, assist in the washroom, and play with anyone who isnt swimming that day. 

How will the campers get changed for swim?

We have assigned separate girls' and boys' changerooms which have a bathroom where campers may use the toilet or change privately if they choose. Older campers will change independently, younger campers will, of course, be assisted (dressing them in age-appropriate clothing will be a good idea as we will 'help them to learn to help themselves'). It is a chlorine pool, so after swim, campers will shower off in the outdoor freshwater shower to get rid of excess chlorine, they will then towel dry and return to the changerooms where they will put back on their dry clothes. (sending a waterproof bag for wet swimwear is essential!) More info on swimwear, and what to pack comes home in your camp package after you've booked.

What is the structure of the camp like?

We will have camper groups which are age range groups 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. Depending on number of campers registered each week we may blend the groups a little more or a little less, for example, we may need to form a group of all 3 year olds if we have lots of little ones registered that week. We take supervision very seriously and will stick to the ratios of 1:10, but the vast majority of the time the camp groups will be with their counselor at either the pool or an activity set up by a programmer, making the ratio 2:10. The exception to this is during early drop off and late pick up when we will have large group free play to facilitate sign in and out. 

What roles do the camp leaders play?

Each camper group with have about 10 kids to each camp counselor. The camp counselor will be with them for the full week, they will be the primary person responsible for their well-being (they are the fun ones, with the songs and the engergetic personalities who the kids will LOVE!), The programmers, who the camper groups visit throughout the day will have amazing activities set up and offer specialties and unique experiences (that the kids will also love BTW). This way the camp counselor knows where their campers are at all times as they move around as a team, We also have some amazing junior counselors lined up - these are teens looking for some experience and will assist wherever needed at camp! 

What is STEAM?

S.T.E.A.M is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics to guide student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. Project based learning which involves all the senses, all the core subjects and inspires, intrigues or basically wow's the campers is what we aim to produce. These projects are easily adapted to any age range, an example of a simple STEAM project is building a volcano, which is then 'exploded' with vinegar and baking soda. We're gonna 1 up that one this summer! STEAM education results in students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. These are the innovators, educators, leaders, and learners of the 21st century! If you wanna learn more click here. 

Is the property fenced? Away from the road?

The camp property is on a dead end road with very little traffic. The property is expansive and includes wooded areas, lawns, gardens, hay fields and firepit, main house, pool, kitchen garden. The majority of the property is not traditionally fenced in, however, access ways will be blocked during camp time and boundaries will be set with the campers at the start of each week. The property has a number of 'natural boundaries' which while fences arent present, will certainly act as such. 

Can my 2 year old / 9 year old attend?

Please contact us to discuss your unique situation. While we will do what we can to allow siblings to attend together, let's have a conversation to make sure that our camp is appropriate for your camper before saying yes or no. 

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